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Posted on: May 16, 2009 5:38 pm
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Power Rankings after the All- Star Checkpoint.

This is the 1/3 of the way there mark, so I decided to show who I think has done really good, and really bad so far this season, this will also show where I expect the person to finish at the end of the pre-chase season.

Teir 1:

1.) Jeff Gordon- Jeff Gordon  Obviously, you had to see this one coming, I mean, this guy has been absolutely great this season, making up for lost time this season. Jeff Gordon is a lock for the chase already at this point, and now for this guy, we just have to worry what will happen then, if his chase luck continues, or if he can get his first chase championship. With a win and a monsterous 6/11 top 5s, and 500 laps led, its a surprise he hasn't won more races.    Pre-chase finish= 2nd

2.) Tony Stewart- Tony Stewart He has just been performing great with his new team, and not including Talladega, his last 5 races have shown that, getting a 2nd through 4th in all of them, this guy better cool down, or else if he doesn't, not only will he get a win very soon (not including the All-Star race, but that does add a bit to his resume), but he gets even better after July... a truly fearsome thought for anyone who is not a Tony Stewart fan, only time will tell, he may surpass Gordon very soon, and in power rankings alike.    Pre-chase finish=1st
3.) Jimmie Johnson- Jimmie Johnson Yup, Jimmie Johson is in the top 5 in power rankings, surprised?... didn't think so. Anyway, this guy has a win, and 5 top 5s, the only thing that is holding him back from Gordon is that he has 4 rocky finishes so far, if he can put those behind him, and stop getting into those bad races, we will see more of the same, just top 10 after top 10.    Pre-chase finish= 3rd

4.) Kurt Busch- Kurt Busch America loves the underdog, and this is by far the biggest underdog in the chase. True he won a chase before, but since then he has fallen greatly, until this season. Kurt Busch is performing great, and a huge rebound from his 18th place season last season. With a win, 6 top 10s, and all but 1 finish in the top 20 (and that other one was a 23rd,) he is not having problems, and performing great, especially since at Atlanta he all but 96 laps, he is a possible threat to win the chase if he can keep this up.    Pre-chase finish= 4th

5.) Mark Martin- Mark Martin This guy had a horrible beginning, but no more! After his beginning, and Talladega, his lowest finish has been seventh. Great stat to having going deeper in the season. Obviously for this guy, if he doesn't have bad luck, he does great. Even more, he has 2 wins so far, and he is over 50! This guy is obviously a threat now to win the cup, don't deny him, and he will move even farther up if he can stay away from bad luck like his beginning.    Pre-chase finish= 6th

Teir 2:

6.) Kyle Busch- Kyle Busch Some people may disagree with me, putting him in teir 2, but I believe he deserves it. Its true, he has 3 wins, and a 3rd... but... how about all the other races... 6 of the 7, he didn't even finish on the lead lap... that's bad! I mean I've heard of bad luck, but 7 finishes out of 11 not in the top 15 with a guy with 3 wins is just not tolerable. He is looking exactly like the chase of last season, just with wins, and unless if I see something else, I'm afraid this inconsistency will continue for the entire year.    Pre- chase finish= 5th

7.) Greg Biffle- Greg Biffle The only person not in teir one with 6 top 10s, the only thing is that like Martin, he had a rough patch, his was through weeks 4-6, other than that, no finishes below 20th, he has 3 top 5s, and 4 of his last 5 finishes were in the top 10. The only thing with Biffle is that he hasn't won a race, nor has he won a runner up position, however, once he can start getting those, we may see him possibly crack top 5 in the standings before the chase starts. Oh, and he has 4 tracks where he led double digit laps, so he could be getting those wins soon.    Pre-chase finish= 7th

8.) Ryan Newman- Ryan Newman Most people are wondering, where did he come from... from being about 20th or worse in the standings after week 4, to being in the chase, and after finishing 19th in the overall standings last year. Consistency from his new team is now kicking in! After the first 4 races, not being able to crack the top 20, all of his finishes have been in the top 20 to date. In addition, his last 3 races have been top 5s. Now the question is, can he do it at Lowe's? Where Ryan's last 5 finishes have been avg. at around 26.5... that's pretty bad, but he did get a top 5 here within the last 5 years, and if he can do it again, he will prove he may be a force to be reckoned with in this chase. He still needs to do a bit more though before I really believe he can finish top 10 in the pre-chase with the other competition.   Pre-chase finish= 12th

9.) Denny Hamlin- Denny Hamlin Its true he is 5th in the standings, but that is just due to the fact that he hasn't had a bad race yet (Daytona maybe an exception, but I'm talking about finishes below 30th) 2 seconds and 2 sixths, other than that, he has been around the top 15 area. Now there is a chance that he could get better, but he just can't connect with wins, in 2 tracks he led more than 400 laps, and in those races, a 14th and a 2nd resulted, he can lead, but he just can't win. Its true he is 3rd in laps lead, but he behind everyone above him and then some in top 5s and 10s. He needs to bring in consistency, like Kyle Busch... and that might be the problem, Joe Gibbs is just not consistent this year.    Pre- chase finish= 10th

10.) Jeff Burton- Jeff Burton Well here is Mr. Consistency, being as consistent as ever. After the first 2 races, no finish has been below 15th, however, other than 2 3rds, his best finish is 8th. Burton can finish well, but he can't contribute that to anything close to a win, only leading 1 track (Las Vegas), and he led 6 at the crapshoot Talladega. But other than those 2, which it should really only count as 1, he has not led a lap in any of them. I maybe ranking him too low, but everyone else is a theat to become better, right now Burton seems like he can't get any higher.    Pre- chase finish= 11th

11.) Matt Kenseth- Matt Kenseth He came out with a bang at the beginnig of the season, but after that, he hasn't been too much to talk about, althought he does have another top 5, as well as a top 10 last track, and a runner- up at Lowes, he hasn't performed too well. However, his recent finishes, (17th, 13th, 10th, and 2nd all star) may show signs that he is slowly returning, and remember last year where he was in 21st in the standings after about 10 races, I believe he will start to improve very soon.    Pre-chase finish= 8th

Teir 3:

12.) Clint Bowyer- Clint Bowyer He had a good beginning, after 5 races, he was in second, and for the first 6 races, he got 3 top 5s and a top 10, but that was all he would get. After the first 6 races Clint Bowyer fell down to earth, and then broke about 20 bones in his body, ever since then, he has only 1 finish in the top 20! This guy has gotten in some bad luck, but its mostly due to just falling 1 lap down, and staying there. Clint Bowyer also lost his streak w/o a DNF, one away from the record. I do actually believe Clint Bowyer will start to make a rebound, but it will be nothing like the beginning of the year, those top 15s will start to show more and more, like usual, and keeping that lead may have been his only plea to making the chase.   Pre-chase finish= 13th

13.) Carl Edwards- Carl Edwards Dissapointment of the year, no contest, goes to Carl Edwards. Its true that he is in the top 12, but barely. I mean, this guy had 9 wins last season, now look at him, only 1 top 5 at Atlanta, and 3 other top 10s, 2 of them 10th places.  And other than that Atlanta race, no race has he led in double digit fashion. He seems to be no longer dominant, and though you know that he has to come back sometime, the question is, when? And will he be able to get back to his status of last year, sadly I have to say no to that question, but he will still be a top 10 driver by the end of this year.   Pre-chase finish= 9th

14.) Brian Vickers- Brian Vickers Brian Vickers has hit a lot of bad luck, with 4 races he went down at least 3 laps. But if he doesn't have trouble, he has no finsih worse than 20th. This guy has had a lot of bad luck, and although he can't get a lot of top 5s like the people in front of him, he does have 4 top 10s through the season, and if he can stop getting this bad luck, we may see that number rise.    Pre-chase finish= 16th

15.) Dale Earnhardt Jr.- Dale Earnhardt Jr. Unlike most people in front of Jr. in the standings, he actually has a top 5, a second at the crapshoot Talladega. Other than that, 2 other top 10s, and that's about it. He did also lead a nice 63 laps at Pheonix, but then fell 2 laps down, so Jr. has had some bad luck, and he just hasn't been very productive, yet he does have 2 races at least where it seemed like he could have won.    Pre-chase finish= 14th

16.) Jaun Pablo Montoya- Juan Pablo Montoya He has been posting a lot of finishes in the top 20, 8 out of 11 to be exact. Yet he has only led 8 laps throughout the season, 7 being at Talladega, and he has no top 5s, his best finish is seventh. For a person like Montoya, this is nice consistency, but it won't get him any higher up in the standings or anything like that.    Pre-chase finish= 17th

17.) David Reutimann- David Reutimann He has 6 top 15 finishes, however, he only has a 4th and 8th to show for his best finishes. He did lead 40 laps at Texas though, so he has at least shown a bit of dominance, but his last 3 finishes haven't even been in the top 25. He seems to be cooling in a big way, as well as MWR in general.     Pre-chase finish= 19th

18.) Kasey Kahne- Kasey Kahne From weeks 2-8, he had all top 20 finishes, but a 5th, 7th, and 45 laps led at Darlington before finishing 23rd is all he has to show. He has hit a combination of bad luck, and not so good driving anymore. We will have to see if he can pull something off at Lowe's like he sometimes does, but I wouldn't count on it this year, he seems even worse than last year.    Pre-chase finish= 18th

Teir 4:
19.) Kevin Harvick- Kevin Harvick Correction on that Carl Edwards being the biggest dissapointment, this might be, excluding Darlington, he had a 3 race streak of not finishing above 30th, he has a 4th and a 2nd, but that is all he has for top 5s and top 10s. In total, he has 6 finishes below 25th, and that is just too much. I expect him to get better, but he likely won't be chase material this year.    Pre-chase finish= 15th

20.) Martin Truex Jr.- Martin Truex Jr. He has no top 5s, 3 top 10s, and 7 finishes below the top 20. So why is he in 20th in my rankings, because 1, there is not much else to choose from, but the main reason is because in his last 3 races, he has led 107 laps! More than a lot of people in front of him. Dominance maybe shining through and he maybe just having bad luck, with 2 of those 3 not being in the top 20, but most are pretty confident, as well as me, in saying that he may get better, but not much, he may reach the top 15 in points at the very best.     Pre-chase finish= 21st

Honorable Mentions (in teir 4):

Marcos Ambrose- A pleasant surprise this season, top 20 in the standings, and 7 top 20s, he has a top 5, but at Talladega, and he hasn't led a single lap yet this season.    Pre-chase finish= 22nd

Brad Keselowski- He has only raced in 4 races. And he has a win. True it was at Talladega, but a win in the Sprint Cup is still something, no matter how much of a crapshoot the track is, you need skill to get up there. In addition though, he has a 7th in his most previos race, so 2 top 10s in a row, for a 50% top 10 ratio, that's pretty good for a guy only running a few races, he maybe albe to pull a top 20 next year, even top 15 if he gets better/lucky.   Pre-chase finish= 37th (since he won't race all)

A.J. Allmendinger- He got 5 top 20s, and a 3rd at Daytona, also a 9th at Martinville, but since then, where he was around 15th, he had 3 consectutive races in 34th or 35th. He has fallen from his nice start, and we can only hope he can start getting better to get sponsorship for next year.    Pre-chase finish= 23rd

Jaime McMurray- He had 3 top 10s, and 6 top 20s, but he has 4 finishes at 37th or worse! He has hit bad luck hard and has been pretty pitiful this season, yet not as bad as his teammate David Ragain, in 32nd in the standings with 1 top 10 and 3 DNF's, not even making honorable mentions, its getting more and more possible that he may see the boot in Roush, especially if McMurray can start performing better, and I think he can.    Pre-chase finish= 20th

Joey Logano- He has 4 top 20s, and 2 top 10s, both coming within his last 3 races, true they are both 9ths, and one was at Talladega, but he is showing signs of improvement.    Pre-chase finish= 25th

(My 24th place finisher is David Ragan, thinking he will improve, yet be nothing like last year.)

Posted on: November 5, 2008 4:19 pm

Predictions... no???? PWR RANKS

Ya, I decided not to go with a prediction this week, there are only 2 weeks left, and I decided to give a Chase Rankings (keep in mind this doesn't include races which resulted in a crash) Best of luck to Carl Edwards for the comeback, he does deserve it.

1.) Carl Edwards (100) Carl Edwards He has as many wins as Johnson in the chase (2) but unlike Johnson, if you take out those 2 bad crash days, Edwards never finished outside the top 3! How about that! Pretty much its either that he does down or goes hard. As long as he can stay on the track, Johnson probably won't be able to lock his win.

2.) Jimmie Johnson (99) Jimmie Johnson Other than the last race where he got 15th, no finishes below 10th, thats really good, add in 2 wins, and that is a championship formula most of the time, but Edwards has a more massive one this year, it will be great to see these two in the years to come.

3.) Greg Biffle (95) Greg Biffle Other than that one incident with Edwards, no finish below 12th, if Johnson wasn't in the picture, he could possibly win the season, but Edwards and Johnson are too good, he does have 2 wins like them.

4.) Matt Kenseth (93) Matt Kenseth He has had 3 crashes, but other than that, no finishes below 10th, bad luck just hit him hard, he could be going for yet another title.

5.) Jeff Gordon (91) Jeff Gordon Gordon ahead of Burton, what gives? I barley gave it to Gordon, but he does kind of deserve it, he has 1 crash, 1 top 15, and then all top 10s, he has been under the radar, but he is a good consistent car.

6.) Jeff Burton (91) Jeff Burton People said that he was back! After his falling in the 2nd half of the non chase, but now in the 2nd half of the chase chase, he is falling yet again, 13, 17 and 18 were his last 3, but he does have a win, hopefully he can pull it back together so that his rating doesn't drop even more.

7.) Kevin Harvick (89) Kevin Harvick 6,7 and 13 are common numbers for Harvick in the cup, 10 and 20 as well, this guy has been nice and consistent, if he shows a top 5 at these last 2 tracks which have been great to him in the pass, he could get a top 5 in the standings.

8.) Clint Bowyer (88) Clint Bowyer Unlike Harvick, he has gotten 2 top 5s, however, 12 is his number, 3 times, also 3 top 10s, and a 20, so very close, but he's top 15 material with more of a chance to break out.

9.) Kyle Busch (84) Kyle Busch He has fallen from grace, however, he is slowly rising, 4,5,and 6 where 3 of his last 4 finishes, he also has a 15th, and I think more good ones are on the way.

10.) Dale Earnhardt Jr. (79)  Dale Earnhardt Jr. A 2nd and 5th, 2 top 15s, that's about it, truly disappointing.

11.) Tony Stewart (77) Tony Stewart It is true he won, and has an 8th and 2 11ths, but other than that, a true disgrace to all Stewart fans, and those other 3 finishes are nothing to talk about for a driver like Tony, cya at Stewart Haas!!

12.) Denny Hamlin (77) Denny Hamlin Maybe Stewart did make a good move leaving Gibbs, it maybe going under... 3,5, and 9, not too bad, and an 11th, not too good after that, with only 2 crash unlike other drivers, he is in the rear of the standings, however only 38 points seperate 8th from 12th, still, he can make a leap in his ranking with 1 more top 5, but he has been a disappointment like Stewart.

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